Individuals will have the opportunity to share and process their thoughts, fears, concerns, hopes and goals in a safe and confidential environment.


Couples will be encouraged to discuss stressors, identify emotions and, with the therapist's support, explore realistic solutions and healthy patterns.


Family members will work with the therapist to identify the family's patterns [not one person's behavior] and establish healthy relationship goals.

Empowerment sessions

These sessions are for individuals and/or small groups who need a boost or significant motivation to accomplish a goal(s).

(Fees may vary for this service). 

What Clients Say

From clients and colleagues

"Marie is a wonderful and caring professional with a heart to help others. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent therapist."
Emily H.,
HR manager
"Marie is an intuitive and insightful individual with an uncanny ability to be both direct and kind."
Paul J.,
"Marie has supported me when I did not know which way to turn. She listened to me. Made me feel like she cared. She held my hands when I cried. She helped me figure out what to do. I would see her again if I ever needed a therapist."